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Great People, Skilled Providers

Work with a crew who has your back both on and off the call

Why Choose Us

We’re a forward-looking EMS agency with an established history in northern Minnesota. Offering generous pay, plentiful benefits and flexible schedule for paramedics and EMTs, customized training, and a supportive team environment—you’ll find the challenge and growth you seek both on the truck and back at base!


  • Brand New Facility with all the Comforts of Home

  • Protocols support Provider Judgement and Experience

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

  • Integrated Learning Environment

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • Straight Pay—No Call Shifts

  • Full-time and Casual Positions

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Our Culture

When you work with us, you’ll experience a team-oriented environment with compassionate individuals devoted to patient needs and dedicated to public service. Personable, professional and persistent—we’re a fun group that takes pride in our collective experience, and continues to learn and grow alongside each other.

Our People

Take the opportunity to get to know some of our crew as they share aspects of the job!

Adaptable Training

You'll have plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered and learn our protocols during your onboarding experience at Bemidji Ambulance. We walk you through the details of how we operate at a pace that caters to your strengths and abilities.

Lisa's summary of the FTO process
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