Great People, Skilled Providers

Work with a crew who has your back both on and off the call

Why Choose Us

We’re a forward-looking EMS agency with an established history in northern Minnesota. Offering generous pay, plentiful benefits and flexible schedule for paramedics and EMTs, customized training, and a supportive team environment—you’ll find the challenge and growth you seek both on the truck and back at base!


  • Brand New Facility with all the Comforts of Home

  • Great Schedule for Students and Families

  • Protocols support Provider Judgement and Experience

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

  • Integrated Learning Environment

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • Straight Pay—No Call Shifts

A company ambulance drives down Paul Bunyan Drive. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are visible.

Our Culture

When you work with us, you’ll experience a team-oriented environment with passionate individuals devoted to patient needs and dedicated to public service. Personable, professional and persistent—we’re a fun group that takes pride in our collective experience, and continues to learn and grow alongside each other.

Our People

Take the opportunity to get to know some of our crew as they share aspects of the job!

Adaptable Training

You'll have plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered and learn our protocols during your onboarding experience at Bemidji Ambulance. We walk you through the details of how we operate at a pace that caters to your strengths and abilities.

Diverse Experience

Our team members all have unique backgrounds and interests—and are united by our shared dedication to patient care. Whether you're established in EMS or new to the field, your perspective and skills add to our quality of service.

Supportive Environment

We foster a culture of continuous learning, and create a safe space to share experiences and ask questions. Someone's always here for you after the tough calls. We value the safety, respect, and mental and physical health of every employee.

Our Community

Bemidji is the regional hub for healthcare, commerce, education, and more. With two local flight services, along with the availability of regional paramedic programs, you have ample opportunity for EMS career advancement.

Not ready to make the move ‘up north’ quite yet? We have team members that commute from the metro just to work at our agency. Why? Because we’re easygoing and fun. Because laughter echoes through our station in good times, and we rally around each other when things get difficult. Because we push each other to be our best. And because we collectively take pride in the work we do.

An EMS trainer instructs a student on proper Bag Valve Mask usage on a mannekin

EMS in the Classroom

Do you enjoy teaching EMS skills and sharing your experience? Get involved in training the next generation of EMS providers at our sister company, LifeSigns Plus. We welcome actively certified professionals passionate about emergency care to apply.

LifeSigns Plus logo in red and grey