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Advanced Life Support

Providing the highest standard of prehospital care where and when you need it

Emergency Response

We provide our neighbors and community with exceptional emergency medical care. As one of the largest privately-owned ambulance services and EMS agencies in Minnesota, we answer over 6000 calls annually in partnership with the Beltrami County Dispatch Center. 


Our experienced ALS and critical care level EMS professionals are trained to act decisively in dynamic environments, when every minute counts in saving a life.

Company ambulance on scene with lights flashing, law enforcement vehicles visible in background
Emergency Response
Company ambulance driving down a large highway during the afternoon

Interfacility Transfers

When you need advanced care, our compassionate and capable crews can get you where you need to go—and make sure you are comfortable every mile of the way. We offer both BLS and ALS transfers with scheduled arrivals and friendly, professional care en route.


  • Fargo/Moorhead (Level I Trauma, NICU)

  • Duluth (Level I Trauma, NICU)

  • Twin Cities (Level I Trauma, Advanced Pediatric, Advanced Cardiac, Burn Center)

  • Rochester (Level I Trauma, Advanced Pediatric, Advanced Cardiac)


Community Events

We offer medical standbys at area sporting events, concerts, and any situation that requires a quick response and peace of mind knowing we have your back.

Being team players, we understand what it means to depend on each other during high stress moments. We also know the importance of community involvement. You can spot our crews at various events in Bemidji, whether as participants or on medical standby. Stop by and say hello!

Bemidji Ambulance crew members gather with toys collected at a community toy drive
EMS instructor demonstrates proper Bag Valve Mask operation on a training mannekin

EMS Education

Through LifeSigns Plus we focus on providing emergency care training and certification to both the general public and working professionals. From CPR certification and babysitting courses to EMT training and skills tests, you can benefit from state-of-the-art educational facilities right here in Bemidji.

Find out more about our training courses.

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